For sale, Buying, barter of antiquarian (classic, retro, oldtimer) automobiles and motorcycles in Russia ("Classic cars and motos Shop" in Lomakov cars and motos museum).

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We are authorized by Government of Russia to authorize for export (or import) of ancient  (classic, retro, oldtimer) cars and motorcycles from Russia. To take out from Russia the ancient automobile or motorcycle - it is necessary to receive the sanction of Ministry of Culture of Russian Government. "Lomakov`s museum of ancient automobiles and motorcycles " is authorized to do(make) a preliminary expert examination for it. Only our museum is authorized to do(make) these documents.We are authorized by Government of Russia to authorize for import of ancient automobiles and motorcycles for Russia.Also our museum is authorized by Government of Russia to release(exempt) especially valuable ancient automobiles and motorcycles from the customs duties completely (up to zero). We in Russia not have problem for import or export old cars and motorcycles. Contact to Mr. Dmitry Lomakov and Lomakov`s cars and motorcycles Museum (Moscow, Russia): Contact 

For sale:

- The engine for a Mercedes Benz 540K 1934-1945. 8-line cilinder. 

- The engine for a russian Government car ZIS -101 1936-1939. 8-line cilinder. 

- Russian  oldtimer cars GAZ 21 "Volga" 1959 - 1969 for sale 1500 - 6000$  (it complect but for restoration condition and cars in original lak-paint). 

- for sale Opel Kadet 1938 = 3500$ 

- Automobile BMW-321 of a sample of 1939, (assembly of 1947). All spare parts native (i.e. original factory) - 95%. For restoration. By feature given the auto is complete absence of corrosion! The machine on sale only because is present second. The engine is removed(taken off) (lays beside), and is removed(taken off) the plating of interior - but all is present and in safety. It is necessary only all to screw on a place. Colour of the machine grey, wings and headlights black. There is a working technical passport.   Ideal hobbi for the solvent clever and skilful person! The price: 20 000 Euro

- Oldtimer russian Government car ZiM (GAZ-12) 1954 (USSR). Original. For restoration. Price: - 20 000$!

- We have for sale Spare parts for Russian oldtimer cars: GAZ-21 - 22 Volga, GAZ- M20 Pobeda, ZiM (GAZ-12), GAZ-13 Chayka, GAZ-14, ZAZ-965, Moskvitch - 401, -402, -407, -403 (MZMA) (ZMA) etc. 

- Russian  oldtimer cars GAZ M20 "Pobeda" 1956 for sale 1100 - 3000$  (it complect but for restoration condition). 

- Russian  oldtimer cars Moskvich 401. 1949. (Russian Copy Opel Kadet 1939 but 4 door). Original 90%. For restoration. Price: 2000$.

- Russian  oldtimer cars ZAZ 965. 1962. (Russian Copy FIAT-500 1955). Original 100%. For paint. - Sold!

- Russian 4x4 military car GAZ-67b 1943 (WW2) . Original complekt - 90%. Running. - Sold!

- DKW Zonderklasse 1938 for sale. Not original engine and bridge. 2000 $.


All cars for sale in "Classic cars and motos Shop" (in Lomakov cars and motos museum) - Russia, Moscow (metro station "Lublino") Krasnodarskya str., zemle-vladenie 58. "Lomakov`s oldtimer cars and motorcycles museum".

Russia, Moscow (metro station "Lublino") Krasnodarskya str, zemle-vladenie 58. "Lomakov`s oldtimer cars and motorsycles museum".

Oldtimer cars shop

Look more fotos oldtimer cars for sale in "Classic cars and motos Shop" - in Lomakov cars and motos museum.

We Buying:

1. Automobiles and motorcycles till 1945 (type Horsh, Mercedes,  Maybah, BMW, Zundapp, Indian, Russo-Balt, "Iozef Stalin", IJ-1, ZIS -101 and others),   Also we shall get governmental limousines let out after 1945   (type ZIS -110, -115;   ZiL -111, -111 G, -114, -115, -117; GAZ -12 (ZiM);   GAZ -13, -14) ---- condition of offered automobiles and motorcycles can be different (in any case all offers will be considered).   Price: let's consider offers wishing to sell.

2. Book, manual, directories, maintenance instructions, catalogues, posters for ancient automobiles and motorcycles. Old samples the technical passports and rights.

3. Back bridge either half-axis or cog-wheels of the back bridge for a ZIS -110

4. Panel of devices, devices, engine, bridges, etc. - for Opel Admiral 1939 of issue

5. Buy Tyres with whitewall (new and use) - 15, 16, 17 inches.

6. Eight cylinders (in line) engines from automobiles of German and soviet manufacture till 1950 of issue

7. Disks of wheels on SEVEN pins for a Mercedes - Benz -320 1939 years. It is possible disk or on spokes. 17 inches or 16 inches. Rubber on 17 inches for such wheels. Devices, seat for a Mercedes till 1945. 

8. We buy all Russian (and Soviet) automobiles and motorcycles 1896 - 1930

We have for Barter:

1. Motorcycle BMW-R35 of ~ 1941-45   In a complete set 97 %, without corrosion. On Zundapp till 1945 of issue. 

2. Russian oldtimer cars (Volga GAZ-21, GAZ M20 Pobeda, Moskvitch-401 - 403 -407,  ZiM) barter for all cars 1896-1959 (maybe Ford, Cadilak, Buick, Shevrolet, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti etc. etc., all conditions, and use). 

Contact to Mr. Dmitry Lomakov and Lomakov`s cars and motorcycles Museum (Moscow, Russia): Contact 

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