We search partners for the sales of oldtimers cars and motor cycles to Russia. We invite to the collaboration a company and private individuals. 

Excuse me - is a machine translator (robot).

If you want to sell oldtimers ( antique) cars in Russia - contact with us.

I can propose (for trial sales) your cars - in my museum (Moscow). Basic demand is in Moscow: cars and motor cycles of entire countries to 1945 year,
and also machines of the USA 1956 - 1965. Maybe Europe too.


Variant of A - you lease places in my museum (1000 euros for a 1 car - for 1month). Thus you will be able to put there the saller-man for contacts with potential buyers. Here do advertising ( about that you sell) also.

Variant of B - you send me a photo and prices of cars (which would like to sell here). I choose cars from this list. You bring machines to me to Moscow. And I trade cars. With my mark-up.

Variant of C - on my ground it is possible quickly (2-3 months) to collect additional building - and there to do the large permanent exhibition-sale of your cars (things 10-20).

It is possible to try and on pictures (fotos, video) to sell - but better cash commodity. As a rule, 60 % buyers, do such purchases for us spontaneously. Tomorrow
such buyer already will want a helicopter or will depart to catch sharks in tropics... Very much a lot of people which a money was reached quickly and
easily. Now in Russia the period of the primary forming of capitals - did not yet make off.

Yes! Cars can be not at first even paid customs fees - and it is possible to bring in them (or to ride into on them) as tourists. And if a buyer will be after it - to pay customs fees .

Cars can be and not restored (but in motion, ride). Here much persons interested a bit to complete such car. "And to save a money and hobby car".

Also I have a competent elder brother (he is a restorer 1 in Russia - 30 years) and there is a nephew (he trades retro by spare parts about 10 
years). My dad in 1956 restored Rolls-roys 1916 Vladimir Lenin. We have a dynasty. 
I have a new foreign passport and can help you, to drive cars to Russia.  A brother and nephew also can help to drive machines to Russia. 

Welcome. Do business in Russia - it now advantageously.

Dmitry Lomakov, general manager "Lomakov`s oldtimer cars and motorcycles museum", President "All-Russian oldtimer cars and morcycles club Retromotor", state expert oldtimer cars + motorcycles (customs, justice, buying, sale).

Telephones in Moscow (museum): +7 499 3567995

Mobil phone: +7 903 2405742

E-mail: 1museum@mail.ru